1199SEIU Members: It’s Time to Get Active!

There are so many ways to win more for working families by volunteering with 1199SEIU.

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Delegates are 1199’s primary representatives in the workplace. Delegates help other members by providing information and assistance on grievances, contract questions, and other issues. They handle grievances, organize members around political activities, promote union programs, and make sure that union members have stable, productive relationships with management. There are resources and trainings available to those interested in becoming a delegate.

Member Organizer

Member Organizers are active local members who help organize non-union workers into SEIU. Member organizers learn communication and organizing skills and work closely with staff organizers. MO’s talk to potential new members and show them the benefits of belonging to 1199SEIU.

Member Political Organizer

Member Political Organizers are members who are interested in and willing to organize co-workers around political activities that will improve the lives of working families. Activities range from lobbying elected officials at the state or local level to signing petitions to writing letters to the editor. The Political Action Committee (PAC) raises voluntary contributions from SEIU members to help identify and support legislators who are sensitive to our issues.

Communications Captain

This position involves distributing union literature such as brochures, flyers, postcards, emails, etc. to union members. The communication captain makes connections between the union and 1199 members in an area or department.

Social Media Ambassador

Social Media Ambassadors help to build the union online by promoting union events and updates through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other channels. Social Media Ambassadors sometimes help moderate Facebook groups for their worksites and are committed to raising awareness about union campaigns.


1199SEIU Haitian Caucus

The Haitian Caucus was created to support the Haitian community within 1199SEIU.

1199SEIU African American Caucus

The National African American Caucus (AFRAM) of SEIU is committed to enhancing opportunities for education, training, mentorship, leadership development, and networking for 1199SEIU members and staff of African descent.

SEIU Latino Caucus

The Latino Caucus is committed to enhancing opportunities for education, training, mentorship, leadership development, and networking for SEIU members and staff of Latino descent.

1199SEIU Purple Gold

The Purple Gold mission is to engage, educate, and empower young members of 1199SEIU. Through workshops, social media, events, and mentorship, Purple Gold creates pathways for leadership development.

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